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Frequently Asked Questions 

Question #1: How is pricing determined at Event Décor Galore?

Answer: Event Décor Galore prices services using a flat rate fee which is determined officially after you’ve completed your initial consultation with your Event Designer/Planner. Flat rate fees are determined based on your chosen design services, staff labor, set up and breakdown, use of any items included in the Event Décor Galore inventory, consultation meetings with your Event Designer/Planner and any additional work that will need to go into ensuring your event is executed per your vision. Please note: Event Décor Galore does not provide “a la carte” pricing.

Question #2: How are payments handled and what form of payment is accepted?

Answer: All contracts require a minimum of a monthly payment plan; payment arrangements will be determined at the time of contracting and is based on your contract amount. Full payment is also accepted! Prices may vary for special or custom design/planning requests.

Event Décor Galore accepts the following as payment options: Debit/Credit cards (MasterCard is not accepted), bank drafts and cash.

Question #3: How much is the deposit amount to reserve an event date?

Answer: To reserve services for your date, a deposit of 35% of your total balance must be paid.

Question #4: How do I get a rate quote?

Answer: For design and planning services, quotes are not utilized; rates will be discussed during your initial consultation.



Question #5: Do you provide free consultations?

Answer: Event Décor Galore does not currently offer free consultations. All consultations are $100 per hour and are paid at the time of scheduling your appointment.


Question #6: How do I schedule a consultation?

Answer:  To schedule a consultation, visit the tab marked “consultation” on the website or click HERE!

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